When I was a young teenager, I dabbled in learning the piano by reading a book I’d borrowed and trying to play along with the piano we had at home. It didn’t last long. With no access to YouTube for me back then, and no teachers, I quickly gave up. The desire to learn an instrument stayed with me, though.

For years I thought I would pick something that was easily carried. I often scoffed a little at those silly people who chose to learn big, expensive instruments that were so hard to move around (like pianos), or followed the crowd of wannabe guitar players. It was an immature attitude.

A few years ago, I started watching The Piano Guys. The first clip I saw was Piano Wars, their fantastic Star Wars medley. The seed was planted. After being amazed by their skills again and again, eventually I thought I’d like to learn an instrument like that.

Finally, in October 2019 on a random Saturday, I decided to head down to the music store and get a cello and a book. Thankfully, they offered rentals, and I was happy to pay $60 a month instead of $1,100 upfront. I also purchased “Essential Elements for Strings: Cello”, and have been practising almost every day. I still need a teacher, though. I did contact a lady whom I saw play in a local baroque concert, but her schedule was full at the time and Christmas was coming up, so we had to wait. Now it’s months later and I still haven’t got around to it.