Genesys Adversaries is an easily searchable database of adversaries for Fantasy Flight Games’ Genesys Roleplaying Game. I’ve been playing FFG’s Star Wars and Genesys RPGs for a few years now, and I was super impressed by this searchable database and wanted to do something for Genesys.

I knew I didn’t have the Javascript skills, but thankfull the repo is public. I made my fork of the Star Wars Adversaries repo, made a few tweaks to the colour scheme and symbols, then spent a fair bit of time going through the data entry part. Thankfully, drainsmith from the FFG forums had a text version of all of the officially released adversaries, and I took the fantasy creatures from the fantastic Creature Catalogue by direach.

I wouldn’t call it finished, but it’s functional, hosted here. I’ve love to add more adversaries. If you happen to play Genesys and would like to add your own adversaries to the site, please let me know.